One Foot In Front of The Other

This week things have been moving, slowly, but still moving. I started the week of excited, and then I ran one of my toes into the coffee table. I’m pretty positive it’s fractured. I broke my finger last year, and it feels similar. Also the small cracking sound I heard and the almost immediate bruising are both pretty clear indicators. However, it’s a toe – and you can’t splint a toe. I can walk around without pain, so luckily it wasn’t an immobilizing fracture!

IMG_0304Champ and I started sorting through all our clothes. We labeled all the drawers, and we are only allowed to keep what comfortably fits into each drawer plus what fits in our closet. We also decided that we can have one under-bed storage container for seasonal clothing. We have a lot of laundry to do, so we are going to have to re-assess our choices after all our laundry is done.

I did go to an estate sale yesterday. Counterproductive, but I haven’t been to one in over 4 months. All in all, I stayed on budget and actually purchased some helpful things. Champ and I are both horrible at sorting the mail, and we purchased 3 mail baskets for $2 a piece. I was able to get few things for the kitchen, a miniature whisk and a brand new mini muffin pan that set us back a whole $3.50. We also snagged a few christmas presents, and some posters for the house.

I wanted to go because they had some vintage 50s/60s pink Pyrex! I got there, and it was OUTRAGEOUSLY priced. They wanted $15 a piece for the 2 qt casserole dishes. I’m sure someone timed it to get there on 50% off day, but that would still be overpriced. So I passed on everything except a1960s casserole dish with the white daisy pattern because I have the divided dish already. I got it for $10 because it was caked in grease stains. Yes, I bought a piece that looked unsalvageable because I believed I could save it. I am 2 hours in, and it is SO CLOSE to being PERFECT! That’s right! When I finish cleaning it I will post on how to clean your own Pyrex.

IMG_0353My other big achievement for the week was that I officially posted an e-bay item! I have a 1957 Silvertone Radio that works, but I never use it. I am trying to imagine fitting myself into a 250 sq ft space and asking myself what is most precious to me. Unfortunately, the radio didn’t make the cut.

I am slowly working on my attitude, trying to look at things positively by choice and I have to say that it works wonders. I feel so much better. I just have to keep it up! It helps to accomplish things, even if they are small. In fact, tonight I am finally going to see some friends which I have not done in months.

Here is to a great first week of vacation!


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