Welcome Home!

In my last post I mentioned that I had been out-of-town for the last three months. In fact, in those three months I was only home for 10 days. Which meant that Champ was in charge of taking care of the house and the dogs. His priorities, let me tell you, did not fall on the kitchen.

I came home to beautiful flowers, a welcome home balloon, and a house full of stuff. I was tired of eating out, tired of picking which restaurant would be my best bet on Yelp, and then trying to decipher their menu. I was so glad to come home, and to cook my own meals.

I got home the week of Thanksgiving. I flew in Sunday night, I had two days at home before we drove down to Champ’s parents house. Grocery shopping on Monday was for non-perishables and snack food for the road. Looked like eating out for a couple of days was our best option. When we got home from the holidays, I avoided my kitchen. I knew that I would be on vacation soon – so every encounter was the ‘get in and get out as quickly as possible’ kind. Sunday I finally rolled up my sleeves and got to work.

photo (7)We don’t have a big kitchen. It’s a galley kitchen with cabinets only on one side. The other side is the stove and refrigerator. In between them I have a vintage formica table, but it is taking up too much space (so it’s on my sell list). I could barely walk through my kitchen when I got home. There were 4 bags of glass recycling, a giant bag of more plastic bags, the dog food container, a step-stool, and other nonsense taking up all the floor space.

We cleared out the recycling, and Champ started on the dishes. I wiped down the counter, the blender, the Cuisinart food processor, and other miscellaneous items. He had to leave for work, and I decided to go through my pots and pans. As I sifted through them my thoughts drifted to my food processor. I had bought it at an estate sale for $20, and it has an 11 cup capacity. I have all the attachments, and even found their holder at a thrift store. However, the only thing I have ever used it for is chopping vegetables. I figured I would sell it if I didn’t really need it, or I could get rid of some items that the food processor replaces. So, I settled down on the couch and watched, “How to Use Your Cuisinart 11 Cup Pro-Chef Whatever Food Processor.”

I should have done that WAY sooner! That night, I shredded cheese with it, and it worked in about 10 seconds. Champ was freaking out – because now when I ask him to grate cheese he gets to basically use the kitchen equivalent to a power tool. I am super excited about this machine, AND it is allowing me to get rid of an older chopper that fits my blender, a few older knives and some cheese graters. More in the sell pile!

photo (6)Today was day 2 of Kitchen de-clutter. It still isn’t there yet, but the end is in sight. My younger brother had rented this place before us, so when we moved in the fridge was full of food. Champ thought he would eat it all, and 6 months later it was still there. Today we undertook the disgusting task of cleaning it all out of the fridge.I have such an amazing partner, because I almost hurled a few times. He took charge of emptying them into the trash, and I rinsed out the containers. We had a brown paper bag full of glass recycling, and filled up our regular recycling bin with plastic and some cardboard from the freezer. We cleaned out the inside of the fridge, and I am glad to report that it is no longer a health hazard.

Tomorrow is the final phase of kitchen clean up, and I am so excited to take back my kitchen and start experimenting with some recipes!

Here’s to a clean kitchen!

Mary Jeannette


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