I’m Back! A Pre-New Year’s Resolution


So I have been gone for a long time now – over a year. My job changed, my life changed, and changed, and kept changing. It still really hasn’t stopped, and I have realized that writing is a huge way for me to help myself.

A huge challenge that I have learned in my adult life is self-support. I never knew as a child that I wasn’t learning how to do that, and it wasn’t until I was in and out of serious relationships that I started to realize that self-support was the thing I was the most terrible at.

As you may know, being unwell and bad at self-support can make getting better a much larger obstacle.

My boyfriend, we will call him Champ, and I have been together for 1 year and 8 months. We made the decision to move in together after only dating for three months (which I don’t recommend unless you have known one another for more than a year). Champ has been an amazing support, but with the hurdle of not knowing one another we have been balancing getting to know one another with being roommates and my changing lifestyle habits.

So, new relationship, new house, new diet – new life.

The last three months I have been traveling for my job, and I am finally back home. In fact, I have 30 days off work to focus on my life. I didn’t get a promotion that I was wanting, and it gave me a new perspective. I’m too young to sit around sulking, or hoping things will be different. It’s time to take charge of who I am, right now, today.

“If you try to put things in place for the future, than your future will never be what you want it to be or if you get there you may find out that it’s not the present that you wanted. If you make decisions everyday to make your life, in that moment, the life you want then your future will be exactly what you want everyday” – My (sometimes much wiser than me) Younger Brother

So I’m back. I’m back and I am going to find a way to love myself, and grow as an individual while I take on more of these new challenges and turn my life into exactly what I want.

Here is to a new year of learning, adventures, and dreams.

Mary Jeannette


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