“Paging, Dr. Jonnalagadda!”

I had an appointment finally scheduled with a specialist. Usually I get a reminder phone call – so I am glad I wrote down the appointment on my google calendar. I apparently tossed the sticky note that I wrote it on. Very like me. Although, in the end – Dr. Jonnalagadda was MIA. The nurse forgot to call me to reschedule my visit, because the Doc had gone out of town. So, I show up – after being dropped off, have no car, no appointment, and have to wait an hour to get picked back up. Luckily, I don’t care who I see, so I was able to get an appointment for just a few days later.

Tuesday, I went to another gastroenterologist. I think I was waiting in general for an hour, while I tried to keep from falling asleep. I saw the doctor for about 20 minutes. We just talked about my symptoms, as I expected. He felt my thyroid and my gut – asking if I was always bloated. Yes! Then I waited to hear what he had to say. He agreed that we should check for Celiac, but then – he said he think’s I should also get a colonoscopy. I felt a wave of anxiety come over me. He said he wanted to also rule out Crohn’s Disease.

There I was, not prepared for that conversation and having to decide if I wanted to schedule a colonoscopy for the same day as my endoscopy. Ultimately, what choice do I really have? I have to find out whats going on – no matter what it takes!

In a few short weeks, I get to be ultimately explored! Hopefully this will provide some insight!

Until then, I am just going to focus on moving into my new apartment!


One thought on ““Paging, Dr. Jonnalagadda!”

  1. That would have been a hard decision for me. But I think I would have had the celiac first, get results and then do the other if it did not show celiac. I do not like procedures. But if you are under anesthesia for both, I can understand why you would do at same time. that is the most time effective and money effective also if those are concerns. Praying all goes well and is conclusive.

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