Needle in a Haystack

Today has already involved blood, sweat, tears – and to top it off I had a piece of cake.

I went to my general practitioner today to get referrals. Guess what I didn’t leave with?! I feel like having internal imbalances, and trying to get a diagnosis is literally like trying to find a needle in a haystack. I know it’s there, but everyone else thinks I am a nut job.

I was all prepared with what I was going to say, and how this was going to go down. I already do not like my Doctor. He is really creepy, he does not listen to you, and he is a by the books guy. I need a new Doctor, but I have just been going to specialists so I haven’t worried about it. Of course when I tried to make an appointment with the Endocrinologist, they wanted a referral from my GP. So off I go, to Doctor Creep.

I sit down in the office. I have gained some weight back, so that is a positive! I get my blood pressure and pulse taken. Then I wait, and I think about what I am going to say. He comes in, sits down, and we start the regular ol’ doctor chat:

“So what brings you in today?”

“Oh, well actually this past year has been kind of crazy as far as health; so a lot of things! I had skin cancer on my back.”

“Really? What kind?”

And it continues on. I get to how I have been allergy tested – and everything falls apart. I tell him how I know I am a little high anxiety, so I chose to pursue a method of non-invasive allergy testing before doing anything invasive. I asked him if he knew what NAET testing was. No, of course not. I tell him I think about it like a placebo affect – and that they use muscle testing. He doesn’t get it. He is cracking a stupid grin that makes me feel like he is trying not to laugh in my face. He keeps shifting in his chair. “Did they do any prick tests?” No. “Did they do any scratch tests?” No, this is strictly non-invasive. “So, tell me, how can they tell if you are allergic to something if there is no exposure?” I am not going to try to explain that to you. I am an artist, not a scientist. It doesn’t even matter, because I have already charted everything I ate, and done an elimination before I ever went in to have allergy testing done. Everything he found was in line with what I found.

He still is not getting it.

FINALLY, I burst into tears. “I am sorry, I am getting emotional. I have gone from doctor to doctor. You all tell me the same thing. I have A and B but not C. I’m sorry, but I know what is going on with my body. I can not live like this anymore.” He finally got on bored.

I had blood taken, and a urine sample. He still doesn’t get it – but it’s something. He said he would call me to talk about my blood results on Monday, and we could talk about referrals then. After that conversation, I am getting a new doctor.


2 thoughts on “Needle in a Haystack

  1. Yes, you need a new doctor. Did you ask the Florida friend from work who she used?? Maybe if she has old Drs there they will see you without referral. Also, maybe you just need to contact the place in Chicago and go on a medical trip there if they will see you. Praying for God to direct you.

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