Sunday Funday!

Currently I am seated in my favorite vegan bakery and coffee shop. I just enjoyed a chickpea salad sandwich and an iced almond green tea latte. I don’t have internet at my home, so I have to come here to hop online. Sunday’s I have dinner at my house for my friends so that they can experience the difficulty of cooking gluten, dairy, egg, and grain free. This past month we have been having a hard time getting together, so I am trying to coordinate a dinner! I found this great website through Pinterest called Sacramento Street. They have great vegan + grain free recipes.  I found this mexican soup that I want to try out tonight! Hopefully I will be able to enjoy it with some friends!

The weather here is beautiful today – as the temperature is finally in the 60s! I am about to take a nice long walk to a friends house to help my boyfriend finish installing a surround sound system. I have to say – Friday night and Saturday I ate myself into a food coma. I slept for 12 hours last night, and I think its because my body needed time to digest.

Friday night I had some BBQ. Half a pulled pork/slaw sandwich, a pork rib, some sausage, and brisket. Don’t forget the side of beans and fries. Oh my – I was stuffed to the brim. The other thing I have been doing is eating a lot of meat. Once I go through all of my appointments my goal is to become primarily pescatarian. I know that it is much easier on my body, and the older I get the less appetizing meat is to me. BBQ though – I have to say will always be appetizing.

As I said – my boyfriend is super sweet. (he brought me lunch on Friday, gluten and dairy free. He also picked me up a piece of gluten free almond peach pie! Happiest girl ever!) He has mentioned how he wants to become a vegetarian for moral and health reasons. I am excited to transition with him into a healthier lifestyle. He used to be the #1 cross country runner for his college, and was studying Health and Human Performance. He has already been a big help to me.

Now off to enjoy a nice walk on this beautiful day!

Here’s to the next adventure!

Mary Jeannette


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