Sick and Tired

Hello to all my gluten free friends. I am definitely sick and tired. Not in the emotional sense (although aren’t we always a little?), but in the physical sense. As my last post stated I have been back on bread. I have been trying to make myself as sick as possible for my endoscopy. Muffins, scones, tortillas, sandwiches, and bread, bread, bread. That mixed with coffee, and soy have taken me down. I am so utterly exhausted.

I go to sleep at night, sleep deeply, usually wake up late because I am groggy, go get coffee and a muffin/scone/bread, and head to work. After consuming said terribly unhealthy breakfast – I crash so hard. This morning instead of the usual, I got a juice called “Liquid Sunshine.” It has apples, strawberries, carrots, orange, and lemon in it. It’s incredibly tasty – but I am sensitive to vitamin C so it isn’t much better.

Yesterday was the WORST – I went out with my friend to this coffee house that also serves Paleo food. Of course all their breakfast options have eggs, and I don’t feel like being my usual pain in the butt so I get a breakfast burrito. It was just eggs, pepper, onion, mushrooms, and something green that I am forgetting in a tortilla with a side of potatoes. I also had a hazelnut latte with almond milk (so delicious!). Despite the appetizing nature of my meal, my body was not having it. I felt like I was on my deathbed all day. I don’t think it helped that I took an antihistamine for the allergy problems I am having either. My heart was all racy, and I felt light headed half the day.

Eggs = BAD

Soy Milk = DIE

Soy though, soy milk particularly has  been what really brought me down. I haven’t been frequenting my local vegan coffee place as much as usual. They have almond, rice, cashew, and soy milk options. So I have a few great options that are outside of milk and soy. I get an almond green tea latte with almond milk and a vegan muffin (I am actually a regular. They know me, and they know my drink. First time in my life that has ever happened!). That usually hits the spot, and at least because it is vegan I am eliminating some of my sensitivities and being more selective about what I am introducing to my digestive system. BUT like I said, I haven’t been going there that much. I have been going to this other hipster, trendy little place that only has a soy alternative. They also have amazing pastries – but they alas are not milk, egg, or dairy free. That apparently makes all the difference. After one bite, my stomach feels all acidic and angry. Not so with the vegan options.  It is the soy milk though – oh the soy – that makes me feel like I have the flu.

So after feeling like I have finally successfully killed/poisoned myself with allergens, I made a doctors appointment. I have to go to my general practitioner to get referrals for a gastroenterologist and an endocrinologist. I am excited though because the guy I am dating lives one block away from the medical center where I am going to get my endoscopy. So, when I get put under and have to go home – I only have to go a block! Also! He is amazing, and totally understanding of my issues. He went to Trader Joe’s yesterday and stocked up on gluten free meals because he wants to be able to enjoy eating with me. So sweet! 🙂

I realized I have been putting off going to specialists because I am scared to find out what is going on. Yesterday gave me a big reality check – I can’t keep living like this, even if I am telling myself I am just doing this for the procedure. I have to make a change, and I have to get answers.

To getting answers, and getting healthy!

Mary Jeannette


One thought on “Sick and Tired

  1. well, I hope you can get your appts sooner than later and get on with this test so you can get back to your healthy eating and do what you know you need to do for your body. I know you hate feeling so bad, plus you don’t want it to affect your work. other than that it sounds like life is good for you and facebook posts show you are enjoying life. we are enjoing having sarah here for a surprise visit. grandpa bond will be here 4 days next week to celebrate your dads birthday.

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