Back to Bread

So I know I have been MIA for a while. I only have internet at work – GASP! So when things get busy around here, there is little to no time for me to write.

A couple of weeks ago we had an event and some of our co-workers who are satalite came in for the weekend. One of them has Celiac. I was able to talk with her a lot, and she seemed pretty convinced that if I don’t have Celiac I am highly allergic to grain. I also found out that my cousin has Celiac – and we have been chatting via Facebook.

Both of these ladies urged me to go back to eating wheat. I am planning to have an endoscopy done soon, and they both stated that if I am not eating bread my intestines might not look as bad as when I am. So, after a month off of everything – I reintroduced it all.

BAD IDEA! The first three days I crashed really hard. I would feel like I was going to fall asleep in the middle of the day. Although terrible, it made me feel better about falling alseep in class in college – and explained a lot about why nothing I did would keep me awake.

My body is currently in a state of shock – and the worst part has been my circulation. For the last week I have not only had poor circulation, my hands are especially tingly! I had been diagnosed with Raynaud’s in the past (which I think I have now figured out has more to do with my sensitivities than anything), but I have never had all this tingling!

Also, my ears started to ring! Then I got a horrible sinus infection – which I am just now coming out of. Basically, my entire body is going crazy! So, now I am just trying to eat small amounts of wheat every day. I am also going to start running, and doing more yoga. Inversion seems to help a lot with my circulation and sinuses. Hot/Cold shower treatments also help a lot with my circulation.

Doing my best to get back to where I was before I made myself healthier. It sucks to try to make myself sick, but I don’t want to go through being put under for an endoscopy if the results are not going to be as accurate as possible.

Heres to getting questions answered!



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