My Aching Tummy

Well I went to the naturopathic doctor last Wednesday and got AET allergy tested.

Out of the basic 17, I tested positive for 9 – here are the results:

I am allergic to Grain and Vitamin B Complex 

I am sensitive but not yet allergic to the following:

Protein (test for eggs since it is the most complete protein?), Vitamin A, Vitamin D (dairy, cheese, etc.), Minerals, Yeast, Sugar, Caffeine/Coffee/Chocolate.

Because they do not take insurance, I can’t go back right away. They treated me for eggs – and it is mostly based on the placebo effect. I don’t know if it worked or not.

I did look up the link between Celiac and vitamin B complex. I am now almost 100% positive I have it. I love! I am always finding great information there!

Now I need to get scoped and blood tests run.

Side note: I tried to drink coffee on Monday and my stomach has been so messed up since then. I made gluten free pancakes yesterday – used an egg – put some yogurt on them b/c I don’t have any syrup and some jelly. Tasted amazing until I vomited. I could feel that heartburn feeling all the way up my esophagus before I even finished eating.

Now I will say, if I eat this yogurt with gluten free granola – I am fine. So, my guess it was the combination of the three on an already aggravated stomach due to the coffee. I haven’t felt right all day today. I am exhausted, and my head hurts.


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